More than a facade, a masterpiece of urban art

The project

Design of the north facade of a contemporary villa under construction in Mulhouse, in the heights of the Rebberg residential district. 


Highlight the architectural structure
Reduce face-to-face
Increase balcony security

    The Lallistone Studio solution

    View the project
    3D concept before realizations, realistic 3d images of the solutions are proposed by Lallistone studio to help the client to project themselves and begin to "feel" the atmosphere proposed.

    Feel the spaces
    A unique sensory experience with proportions inspired by nature and materials rich in physical properties, such as metal and stones.

    The original design of the screen increases the feeling of security and replaces the opposite effect with a unique visual and sensory experience thanks to the play of light and shadow.

    Realizing the vision

    Enhancement of the perspective effect of the facade with the unique design of the aluminum claustra, inspired by the golden ratio and the anthracite gray frames, highlighting the architectural block of the upper balcony-terrace and creating cornices around the stones.

    To be