“SilverMoon” Collection

A collection by LALLISTONE STUDIO inspired by the moon festival

The grace of the flexible stems of the Miscanthus dance to the rhythm of the breeze. This plant, also called Japanese silver grass or Susuki, is very popular in Japan for its beauty in decorating the moon festival.

Exceptional when combined in Triptych with a multitude of solutions.

SilverMoon Collection 5 parts | H90cm x L (120-130) cm | Aluminum

SilverMoon Collection 4 parts | H80cm x L95 cm | Aluminum

Decrescendo SilverMoon Collection 3 parts | H90cm x L (70-80) cm | Aluminum

Crescendo SilverMoon Collection 3 parts | H90cm x L (70-80) | Aluminum

Diptyque Collection (2 parts) | H (50-70)cm x W (140-200) cm | Aluminum

Diptyque Collection in (2 parts) | H (50-70)cm x W (140-200) cm | Drink

We have selected two materials for you for this Lallistone studio collection

  • Aluminum (Aluminum print):
    • Sleek, built to last. Sleek finish, high-quality aluminum (Dibond) polished white, highlights the white and bright areas have a slight silky shine, which is beautiful to look at. Dimensionally stable, waterproof and robust.
  • Wood (Wood print):
    • For "Shades of Ying" and "Shades of Yang" only.
    • For an added sensory touch with the natural texture of wood. High quality birch wood (FSC certified or similar) perfect for showing off the stunning grain and texture of the wood, adding a rustic, natural touch.