Minimalist headboard

Project l'abbraccio

An original design that embraces the bed in a cozy and minimalist atmosphere. Large niches, stones and indirect lighting give an unrivaled cocooning sensation.


Optimization of space

Bedside tables integrated into the headboard

A soothing atmosphere for the master suite


View the project

With a  sketch which begins to take shape on site. We then reproduced the design of the room and the existing bed furniture in 3D to visualize the colors and shapes realistically.

Feel the spaces

With stones and large “U” niches for a design that fits perfectly into the structure.
A stone wall that rises above the ceiling, caressed by integrated lights which diffuse a cozy and cocooning atmosphere.

Realizing the vision

With the selection of the most suitable linear LEDs for the desired effect and the coordination of different craftsmen for integration of the whole.
The project then takes shape with a plaster structure to give a more minimalist appearance to the whole and enhance the exotic wood bed.

To be continued... the stones, the paint, the tiling...